Episode x002 – Bad Debt And Student Loans

Gene Melchionne and Jay Fleischman sit down to begin a discussion of good debt vs. bad debt. From there, the conversation dovetails into a chat about our educational system and the role of college in our society.

It’s all a fun ride, and a terrific jumping-off point for our deconstruction of the notion of the place of debt in our world.

Listen in and please put your comments below – we’re looking forward to keeping this conversation going.

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About Jay Fleischman

Jay S. Fleischman is a New York bankruptcy lawyer, co-founder and past President of Bankruptcy Law Network, and the co-founder of Money Health Central. When he's not wondering which hat to wear, Jay enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
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2 Responses to Episode x002 – Bad Debt And Student Loans

  1. Ray Malone says:

    As a recent Law School graduate about to be sworn in and seeking up to date information on student debt issues, I’d hoped your podcast would hold true to its title and inform me of same, even in a small way. Much to my chagrin that was not the case.
    I tuned in to hear 2 experts (or at least more experienced individuals than myself) discuss ways of addressing student debt and maybe such relevant tangential issues as why the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is non-applicable to creditors attempting to collect such debt. Instead, the main theme seemed to be that the best way to handle student debt is to not incur it in the first place by foregoing a college education. Did you gentlemen think that your audience would be pre-college high school adolescents to whom that was still a viable option? I think not. And why would I be interested in how you first learned to drive a stick shift or what type of microphone/hardware you were using to create the podcast?? I’ve downloaded 3 or 4 other podcasts of yours and hope that when I listen to them they will be more worthy of my time than this one. It’s a great & timely topic and you gentlemen are very articulate speakers….but please….spare me the non- sequitors and stick to the subject going forward! Thank you.

    • Jay Fleischman says:

      Sorry we didn’t live up to expectation, Ray. The show’s a running conversation about debt issues in general, and that includes our thoughts about avoiding it. Not sure how you thought this particular episode would cover the FDCPA, but thanks for stopping by and lending us some of your time.

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